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Reaperbikes was founded in 2004 with a goal to supply good quality bikes at an affordable price and the site is owned/operated by Hornet Industries PTY LTD

Why buy from us?

Because we are the NZ distributor of Reaperbikes, Pitster Pro & Thumpstar New Zealands three best pit bike brands. We are the official sponsor for the NZ Pit Champs, Unit Farm Jam & Backflips Mini Moto Series. We test all our models, to ensure we know exactly what we are selling. We know our bikes inside out and test them every way possible by racing, jumping, fliping them(depending on the model). So don’t worry you are in good hands, if its a $749 BSE or a Nitro Circus LXR Daytona, just give us a call and explain what type of riding you plan on doing and how much you would like to spend and we will recommend the bike for you.


We stock all common parts for all models in stock, if we dont have in stock can order via Airfreight direct from the factory.


We have a top mechanic available who knows our bikes and similar bikes, if you need work done just send us a email [email protected]


All bikes come with a 1-6 month parts warranty depending on the model, also can do extended warranties just ask an we will advise. If something happens outside of warranty we can also do other things to help, like discounted parts/labour etc. We are there to help and want customers to get the most out of their bikes, so just email us at [email protected] if you have an issue. Please note, before you contact us with an issue, please read our PDI sheet, we have come up with this from our years of experiance, has heaps of helpful info.

PDI Reaperbikes4.3


We use Peter Baker Transport AKA PBT www.pbt.co.nz Takes 1-2 days to arrive and that includes bikes or parts.

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If you want an exact quote for freight to your door, contact us.

How Bike Arrives and How To Assemble VIDEO